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Extra Cash Report February 2023

Did you know there’s many ways to make extra money in Canada?  Add on the money you can save using coupons and apps, and you can end up with thicker wallet each and every month!  Here’s how a stay-at-home Canadian mom ended up with over $2300 in extra money in February 2023!

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Boy oh boy was February a doozy!  I honestly thought we had started the Gregorian New Year on the wrong foot, literally getting sick on New Years Day, followed by a broken bone, a stomach virus and then a cold – but February took us out with a brutal upper respiratory virus.  I literally spend several days in bed, exhausted and slightly disoriented.

This resulted in a pretty lowkey month in terms of actively looking for ways to earn, but nevertheless, we managed an extra $2312.48 in February 2023!

Here’s how:

$1205.11– Newspaper Delivery
$678.50 – Credit card cashback
$140 – PC Optimum Points
$80.44 – Costco Membership cashback
$50 – Swagbucks
$49.28 – Coupon Redemptions
$21– Lottery Winnings
$20.06 – Restaurant apps
$20 – SBKC
$10.16 – Triangle Rewards
$10.15 – Goole Opinion Rewards
$10 – Airmiles
$7.78 – Bell refund when switching to new service
$5 – Receipt Jar (use promo code ELENFW4WP  when signing up)
$5 – Receipt Hog (use promo code breg8800 when signing up)

Plus I won 2 cans of Joker Energy and a medium Circle K pop!

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