How I Made $25 Today!


Last week I applied for a savings account with ING, this cost me absolutely nothing, aside from the $100 I put into the account (so not really a cost, rather an investment). Using, an orange code from my referrer (41341719S1), I was able to capitalize on a promo to get $25 when I put the $100 into a savings account.

The account I chose, was a simple savings account with an interest rate of 1.35%. This means that with the bonus and interest rate, my $100 deposit will yield me a 26.35% return this year! On top of the great initial incentive, ING also offers $25 for each person you refer who sets up an account! Not too shabby!

Feel free to use orange code: 41341719S1 to get your free savings account and $25 when you deposit $100 into it!

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