Huggies Diapers $1.49 @ Target!


Be on the lookout at your local Target for these Huggies diapers on clearance!  At my store, they were stickered at $9.98, but the Slip-ons rang up at $6.99 and the Overnights at $5.99!

Want to make it even sweeter?  Head over to the Target coupon site and print off a $2.50 any Huggies Diaper coupon AND a $1 Huggies Diaper Target exclusive coupon to save an additional $2.50 per pack!  You are allowed to print 2 coupons off each computer.

But WAIT – there’s more!  Head over to snapsaves and upload your receipt to save an additional $1 off the Overnights and $2 off the Slip-ons!  You’ll want to do separate transactions as snapsaves will only credit you with one purchase per receipt (so even if you buy 4 packs of Slip-ons in one transaction, snapsaves will only give you $2 – but if you do four different transactions, you’ll get $8) – seems time consuming, but this week’s receipt coupon is $1.50 off Black Diamond cheese, so you get an extra $6 back AND four of those sweet coupons!

So all together:

Slip-ons $6.99 – $2.50 manufacturer coupon – $1 Target coupon – $2 Snapsaves = $1.49!!!! 
Overnights $5.99 – $2.50 manufacturer coupon – $1 Target coupon – $1 Snapsaves = $1.49!!!!

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