My Financial Bucketlist


Frugal Rules recently posted a list of their financial bucket list, which got me thinking about my own list.

So here it is:

1. Be able to afford private school for my children, or to homeschool – My husband and I both work and are products of the public system here in Ontario and see how it is systematically failing students. We highly value education and really want to install a love of learning in our children. While this can certainly done through our own interventions, it is incredibly important to us that our children do not get lost in the crowd and are encouraged to learn in their own way.

  2. Fund our children’s post secondary education – while we can certainly hope that the Canadian government follows many European countries’ steps and recognize that post-secondary education should be publically funded, the reality of our political right wing slant, makes it highly unlikely. So, we want to be able to fully fund our children’s post-secondary education, so they can focus on learning and being a kid. While this is a controversal idea and I respect the fact that many belive that students should pay thier own way), we want to give our children the luxury of not worrying about finances.

3. Maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement – this is pretty self-explanatory. We want to be able to retire and maintain or improve our current lifestyle. While doing a side hustle or two in retirement is okay, we want to be able to spend our time volunteering and helping make the world a better place. This is an area we are undoubtably in need of focusing.

4. Pay off our mortgage. Right now, our only debts are our mortgage and a car. Even though there’s only two, they are still significant (well, the mortgage is, the car will paid off fairly soon enough). I can’t wait for the day when we are mortgage free and true home owners!

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