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I spend a fair bit of time on various sites earning extra cash.  It’s a great way to pick up some pocket change and treat myself to something special every now and then (who am I kidding, I use it to by my kids toys)!Having spent so much time on various, I’ve quickly come to learn which ones actually payout to Canadians.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the extra cash sites that have actually paid me out. Disclaimer: Links below my be affiliate links, however, the opinions are all mine!

Swagbucks – Lots of surveys and other ways to earn – adds up pretty quick, I usually make about $25 a month – here’s a guide on how and a video on how to set your Chrome browser to help you earn more.Gifthulk – Very much like Swagbucks, lots of surveys and different ways to earn, I usually make about $5 a month (I spend more time on Swagbucks) – here’s a guide on how to earn.

I-Say – I get lots of surveys from them and the payout is okay (usually 45 cents for each 10 minute or less survey; 90 cents for anything above – surveys rarely take as long as estimated) You also get about 5 cents for every survey you are disqualified from and every survey attempted lets you play a game that will give you points towards draw entries. You also get bonuses for completing a certain amount of surveys during a certain time frame. I usually make $10-$20 a month with this one.

Asking Canadians – I often get more than one survey offer from them daily. They pay out in Aeroplan, HBC rewards or Petro Points, you don’t have to do anything after you link your account as the rewards are directly deposited a few weeks after each survey (no need to meet a minimum balance). I get 5 Aeroplan points if I’m disqualified, 50 for surveys under 15 minutes and 100 for surveys over (give or take). It’s a nice top up if you are a frequent user of any of the reward programs they pay out in.Ledgerweb – This is a higher paying site, but lower frequency of emails. You usually make $1 for surveys under 15 minutes and $2 for those over. You can cash out once your account reaches $20 and they only cash out $20 (so if you have $21, you’ll only get $20). I’ve cashed out twice so far this year.

SurveySavvy – Another high paying, low frequency site. I’ve made about $70 so far this year. You can cash out as soon as you get $1 in your account, which is kinda nice.

HarrisPoll – I’ve only been with them for a few months, but have already cashed out $10. You can redeem your points for gift cards, or sweepstakes entries or a variety of physical prizes. A $5 gift card starts at 625 points, with a 15 minute or less survey paying 50 points and over 15 minutes 100 points. You also get entries into sweepstakes with each survey attempt.Opinion Outpost – I get a lot of surveys from this site, but find that I don’t always qualify and sometimes it seems as though I’ve completed the survey, but then a disqualification notice comes up. Nevertheless, the payout is decent with each point being worth 10 cents towards paypal, with a minimum 100 point ($10) cash out threshold. Surveys vary in their point allocation, but after every attempt, you play a door picking contest where you can win extra points and you get entries into draws.

Angus Reid Forum – I get fairly frequent surveys from them, but do not always qualify for them.  Payout is $50, which takes a while to get to, but is a nice pay day when it comes!

 SBKC (please put Elena Fernandez in the referral box). It’s not a survey site, but the payout is pretty good (I made $20 my first month, $40 my second and $70 my third – all payout by a prepaid Visa that is mailed to you). Shortly after you sign up, they will send you a few prepaid envelopes that you stick your junk snail mail in. You also forward them your junk email and get paid for it. It’s hard to tell which offers pay out, since they don’t tell you anything until an end of the month email that states how much you’ve made, nevertheless, it’s been a great addition to my arsenal.Purell Loyalty Program, there aren’t any surveys, but all you do is visit their social media sites daily and collect points, which can be redeemed for gift cards and coupons. The payout isn’t huge, but it’s really just a few clicks each day.

Nielson Homescan – This program is kind of neat as it rewards you for sharing your shopping habits.  They send you a hand held scanner that you enter your purchases into and document how the purchase was made.  I did this one for a few months back when it came out, and it did pay me, but since I am a hardcore couponer, it took quite some time to enter in all of my transaction details (had to enter coupon details for each item, on top of the other info.)  I am considering trying this one again though, since my coupon usage and shopping trips in general have gone down since I last used it.

SFI – This is an affiliate network, where you earn money by referring others and by selling their products.  It’s a world wide company and they have some pretty unique products.  Check out my video on the 6 ways to earn with SFI here.

Checkout 51 – Upload your receipt for cash back – you can cash out once your account reaches $20. I’ve gotten a couple hundred back from them.SnapSaves – Upload your receipt for cash back – you can cash out once your account reaches $20. I’ve gotten several hundred back from them.

Zweet – Upload your receipt for cash back – you can cash out once your account reaches $20. I’ve gotten about $40 back from them.

Ebates – Use this site when shopping online to get a percentage of your purchase price back. Payout quarterly, once your account reaches $5. I usually make about $100 a year with them.

Checkout 51 Offers

Other Sites Available to Canadians

The following sites also allow Canadian members, however, I have yet to cash out with any of them.Great Canadian Rebates – Pretty much the same thing as Ebates. I have yet to use or cash out with them, simply because I use Ebates or Swagbucks consistently.

Changio – Upload your receipt for cash back, ‘check-in’ with the app in certain stores, scan items and shop through their links – you can redeem at $10. I have yet to cash out, but have enough for a $10 gift card.

Giving Assistant – This site is another online shopping cash back site (like Ebates, Great Canadian Rebates and Swagbucks), but with each qualifying purchase you make through them, a family is donated a meal.


Opinion World – Another survey site that rewards you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, but with each survey you complete, you also get to donate a bit to one of the charities that they sponsor.Treasure Trooper – Beware, this site is addicting!  I’ve just recently discovered Treasure Trooper and am addicted.  It is like Swagbucks, in that there is a variety of ways to earn (surveys, completing tasks, watching videos, etc.), but it has a really fun community element and dragon game to go along with it.  There’s a really nice chat room filled with really nice people, where you get all sorts of rewards for participating.  There’s also a forum, with all sorts of tips and tricks to help you earn.  And, there’s the very popular dragon element, where you hatch, battle and sell dragons.

Vindale Research – This survey site has a number of surveys and is updated throughout the day.  There are lots of opportunities to earn if you are a survey fan!

VIP Voice – I have technically redeemed with this site, but since the payout is in contest entries, I don’t really count it.  I also don’t typically use this platform, simply because it is only contest entries that you are rewarded with and I prefer something more tangible.Survey Lion – While I get very few surveys from this company and am disqualified from most, it does have a higher than normal payout.

Zoom Panel – I’ve just recently joined this site.  So far, most survey offerings are worth 50 points and you need 2500 points to get a $25 prepaid Visa (the only reward listed so far)

The following sites are all paid for action sites.  They have a large variety offers that you can complete to earn money, i.e. completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, clicking ads, visiting websites, reading emails, etc.  Offers are typically low paying, but there’s so many, that if you have the time, you could cash out in a reasonable time frame.  I simply don’t have the time, so I have yet to cash out.  I have yet to cash out on any of the following:Cash4Offers
Unique Rewards
Daily Rewards

Which sites do you use to make extra cash?

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