November 01st, 2015

I was knocked on my tush for several days, with a terrible cold that swept through my house.  Nevertheless, we managed to bring in an extra $791.47!Here’s where it came from this month:

$320 – Universal Childcare Benefit
$200.57 – Newspaper Delivery
$74 – coupons
$40 – SBKC
$55 – swagbucks
$10 – Airmiles Cash redemption

$5 – Gifthulk
$12 – Iposis
$10 – Cardswap
$50 – Angus Reid Forum
$10 – Opinion Outpost
$4.90 – Canadian Tire Money
Want to see where my extra cash came from in previous months?  Check out my Month-in-Review feed!

Where did your extra cash come from this month?

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  1. I love your blog! I live in the US but I am a member of several of these programs. Looking forward to looking into some of the others.

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