Weekend Reading


I can’t believe it’s already Friday!  With the stock market drop on Wednesday, I spent a lot of time reading up on and thinking about investing.  So here are some of my favourite investment based reads this week:

What’s the Point – This article over at Canadian Dream attempts to answer the big question what’s the point of retiring early?  This is certainly something important to think about.  Figuring out your why, may give you the motivation to kick start you into action.

Beginning Investment, Starting From Zero, 3 Ways Fabulously Broke in the City wrote a nice over view of 3 different potential investment streams.  It’s brief, but informative.

Is It Better To Buy Life Insurance or Fund Your Retirement?  The Canadian Budget Binder explores this interesting topic.  It’s definitely important to consider how you want your funds to be allocated post-mortem, well at the same time having the resources to enjoy your golden age.

What Are the Risks of Leveraged Investing? This article written by Tom Drake over at the Canadian Finance Blog discusses the risks that come with using borrowed funds to invest with.  This is an idea I’ve been toying with, so it really came at a perfect time!

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