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Extra Cash – May 2019

If you had asked me years ago “is it possible to make money from home in Canada”, I would’ve laughed and said it was a pipe-dream.  Now, I am learning that there are so many ways for Canadians to earn extra cash both online and off through a number of different avenues.

I am so excited to share my extra cash reports with you each month!  As you may remember, I have the lofty goal of making/saving an extra $18,000 in 2019!

survey sites that actually pay Canadians

As a single income, homeschooling family with multiple children, this extra money goes towards our day-to-day living expenses, paying down debt, home learning supplies and splurges for fun vacations and indulgences.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  Please read my affiliate disclosure here.

My extra income is a combination of coupon savings, cashback earnings, payments for surveys, freelancing, odd jobs and various side hustles. If you want to learn more about any of the sources that I have earned from, simply click on it to be directed to a review I have written or the site itself.

My earnings are minuscule at best.  This is simply because I only have 2-3 hours (often less) to spare each night on money making endeavors.  Nevertheless, those couple of hours are enough to give me, a stay-at-home mom extra spending money each month.

Remember, I share my extra earning sources to give you more ideas on how to make extra cash on the side.  Please feel free to ask in the comments if you have any questions as I am happy to help!

2019 is definitely getting off to a good start for this Canadian’s extra income!

If you’ve been following my money saving/making journey over the past several years, or even have taken some time to scroll through my posts, you may have noticed a change in the quantity and frankly quality of the posts recently.

I’ve decided to really put more effort into this little site with the goal of making an income from it.  This means, I’ve been spending a significant amount of time on the blog that I would have otherwise used on various sites and hustles in the past.

Nevertheless, I still managed an extra $936.90 in May <insert happy dance here>

Here’s where the money came from:

$415.01 – Newspaper Delivery
$192.62 – Coupons
$190 – PC Optimum
$50 – Swagbucks
$25.35 – Treasure Trooper (USD)
$17.70 – (USD)
$12.07 –
$10 – Groupon Referral
$10 – UGO Mother’s Day Promo (Over)
$7 – Skip the Dishes Referral
$4.16 – Google Opinion Rewards
$2.99 – Mail In Rebates

This extra $936.90 brings my total to $6495.58!

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