Extra Cash – May 2020

Did you know there’s lots of ways to make extra money in Canada?  Add on the money you can save using coupons and apps, and you can end up with thicker wallet each and every month!  Here’s how a stay-at-home Canadian mom ended up with over $900 of extra money in May 2020!

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Thank you for following along on my quest to make extra money each month.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I have the lofty goal of ending up with an extra $21,000 in extra money by the end of 2020.  This includes money that I’ve made from side hustles, surveys, completing offers, couponing, money saving apps, coupon apps, deal apps and any where else that I can make some money from!
We are certainly in unprecedented times and I hope you are all healthy and well!
Since we found out that baby #4 is a girl, I spend much of May cleaning out baby clothes and starting to organize what we’re going to keep and what to get rid.  With 2 boys and a girl already, we have a lot of clothes!  I sold a bunch on Facebook Marketplace in May, but with as much as I have, I quickly realized that taking pictures, negotiating with others and the inevitable no shows just weren’t worth it.  So, I will be selling most of the remaining clothes to Once Upon A Child now that they are buying again!  Will be interesting to see how much I get and how much it helps my June earnings!
Combined with a few survey site payouts, the baby clothes sales helped bring our total extra money to $900.51 in May!
Here’s the breakdown:
$437.62 – Newspaper Delivery
$190 – Facebook Sales
$70 – PC Optimum
$36.85 – Treasure Trooper
$35.10 – Coupons
$35 – Swagbucks
$34.60 – Avon
$25.97 – Checkout 51
$5 – Ugo Promo (over)

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