Make 75 Cents Buying Wipes!


So babies are expensive – and as much as I’ve tried to keep the costs down, they are still there!  That’s why I LOVE it when I can get baby stuff for free or even make money buying it!

So, here’s the deal – until tomorrow, No Frills has Huggies baby wipes on sale for $2.  Simply follow these steps to make money (or at least just pay the taxes)!

1. Go to and print off the save $1  Huggies Baby wipes Target exclusive coupon AND the save $2 on any TWO packages of Huggies Baby Wipes.
2. Print them again (the system allows 2 prints per computer)
3. Head over to Target with the No Frills paper flyer, or your smartphone with the Flipp app and purchase 2 containers with the price match.  
4. Give the cashier one of your save $2 on any TWO packages of Huggies Baby Wipes coupon
5. Give the cashier the two save $1 Huggies Baby Wipes Target exclusive coupons
6. Pay the cashier (will be 26 cents, pay cash and save a penny)
7. Go home and upload your receipt to SnapSaves and save an extra $1 on the two!
8. Cash out your SnapSaves account once it reaches $20!

Gotta love getting paid to buy stuff!

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