New Year, New Goals!


Well, 2013 was certainly an amazing year for me as I welcomed my first child into the world!  So, nothing will really ever top that, but I’ll still work to make the rest of the years of my life pretty spectacular.  

This year, I really want to focus on achieving some important goals.  I’m finishing up the touches on some goal planning trackers that will posted here for all to see, but for now, here are my 2014 goals:

Lose 2lbs a week by December 31 2014
Put $12000 into savings by December 31 2014
Earn an extra $12000 into savings by December 31 2014
Start a daycare in September 2014
Read a book a month by December 2014
Finish the basement by August 2014
Plant a fruit/vegetable garden in spring 2014

These are some pretty hefty goals, but I think holding myself accountable here and with the guidance of my trackers, they will be achievable and I will be able to look back on 2014 with pride!

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