Easter Chocolate Alternatives

18 Fun Non-Chocolate Easter Hunt Ideas for Kids

Are you searching for Easter Bunny-approved alternatives to chocolate eggs this Easter time? Dive into our list of non-chocolate Easter basket ideas that promise much fun for your kids of all ages!.

Easter Chocolate Alternatives

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Whether it’s due to dietary restrictions, food allergies, or perhaps you have little bunnies at home who are not a fans of chocolate, like my oldest, you’re in luck! My child’s unique taste has pushed us to explore creative Easter egg hunt ideas that ditch the chocolate but keep the excitement alive. His sister and I, however, could easily overindulge in chocolate bunnies, so minimizing chocolate treats benefits us all, sparing us from inevitable tummy troubles.

Our annual Easter egg hunt has thus evolved to feature non-chocolate delights, much to the joy of our entire family. As the cherished grandchildren, our kids find themselves at the center of a loving circle of aunts, uncles, and grandparents, who all take part in preparing plastic Easter eggs filled with surprises, hiding them in the most imaginative hiding places around the house. This fun activity has become one of our most beloved Easter traditions, creating memories and laughter Easter Sunday after Easter Sunday.

For those aiming to reduce their chocolate intake this Easter, here are some fantastic alternatives to the traditional Easter egg hunt:

Fun Easter Egg Filler Alternatives to Chocolate

Hotwheels/Small Cars

non chocolate easter egg alternatives

A hit for my eldest’s first Easter, Hot Wheels make for perfect Easter hunt treasures. They fit snugly into larger plastic eggs and offer endless fun.  We did these for my eldest’s first Easter and will likely do it again this year for our youngest’s.  This fclassic toy fits so nicely in the bigger plastic eggs and will be a played with for years to come.  You can buy the individual cars at Walmart for $1.25 each, or pick up a 10 pack on Amazon or at Walmart for $11.47 (making them $1.15 each).  Of course, you can also check out your local Dollar Store or hit up the garage sale scene for cars at even lower prices!


non chocolate easter egg alternatives

What kid doesn’t like stickers?  Well, I guess you could say the same thing about chocolate, but we can talk in generalities for a moment.  My kids are sticker obsessed!  Of course, stickers for their favourite shows are always the biggest hit (which means I’m constantly ordering Pokemon stickers from Amazon), but they like seasonally themed and generic stickers a lot too.

Stickers  are really nice because they are super cheap, will keep the kids busy for a while and activate their imagination.  I typically go with the bigger individual stickers for eggs, just because they seem bigger, but of course my kids probably wouldn’t care either way.  They are also great when you have more than one kid and don’t have equal amounts of egg toy fillers.  Just stick a few stickers in the eggs for the other kid and all will be well!

Check out your local dollar store for a great selection of stickers, and of course good old Amazon will help you find stickers with their favourite characters.  I also often find great deals on stickers at Michaels during seasonal clearances and with their coupon deals!

Mini Pokemon

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

My oldest is obsessed with Pokemon, which has actually served us well the past 3 Easter hunts.  Granted, we now have hundreds of mini Pokemon figurines all over the house, but the kid still plays with them on the daily and absolutely loves them.

The first Easter I bought him the Pokemon figures, I found them on a Kijiji ad.  I’m ashamed to admit that I paid $1 a Pokemon that year, and I don’t want to admit to how many I bought (let’s just say, more than 50).  It definitely hurt my wallet, but fortunately I had some survey money on the back burner for absurd splurges like that.  Since I didn’t shop around and really didn’t even think of it, I paid way too much.

Fortunately, I took some time to actually research things the following year and discovered them on Amazon for a much better price.  The more you buy, the cheaper they work out to be, so watch for larger lots.  Of course, that does mean more eggs, but if you have more than one Pokemon fan, it can certainly work out to be a great deal!

Littlest Pet Shop

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

Now, Pokemon may not be your kid’s thing, or they may not be as ridiculously obsessed as mine.  For other kids, the Littlest Pet Shop creatures make good egg fillers.

Much like Hot Wheels, buying Littlest Pet Shop critters brand new will often work out to being more than $1 an item.  When you’re only picking up a few, it’s not so bad, but depending on how many eggs you use in your hunt, the total can quickly add up.

I tend to watch for Littlest Pet Shop to go on sale and clearance (usually Boxing week has great deals on these critters) and pick them up then.   Facebook Market Place, Kijiji and garage sales are other great spots to find these at a discount.

While they are pricey, if you do a big gift basket, it’s kind of fun to add one of the accessory buildings in it for hours of imaginative play.


non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

I had never heard of Twosies until I was browsing Boxing Week sales and found them at a great price.  These little toys are babies with animal hats, and often they also come with the animal to match their hat.  They are really cute and most easily fit in the average size plastic eggs, though some do need the bigger ones.

Twoseis can be a bit pricey to buy in the bigger stores, but I have been seeing them pop up at my local Dollarama quite often.  Be sure to check there for a great deal on these cute egg fillers.

Finger Puppets

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

If you have some of the bigger eggs, or don’t mind spending a few extra seconds stuffing the average size one, finger puppets make for great Easter egg stuffers.

Amazon has a great selection of finger puppets that include ones that are made of fabric like these animals and people (buy them in a multi-pack for a better price); and ones that are made of plastic like these squishy animals.

My kids especially love the family finger puppet set, for singing the Family Finger song together!

Do you remember the Fingerling craze a couple of years ago, well you can even get mini Fingerling toys that would fit in eggs perfectly!


non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

Inspire your child’s creative side with a new package of crayons.  Make it even more inspired by putting each crayon in a different egg and then hiding them all over your house!

At the end of the hunt, add a cute Easter colouring page that they can use their new crayons on and they’ll have a blast!  Add a new colouring book to their Easter basket for a fun craft later in the day!

Since crayons can easily be found at the dollar store or even in your stockpile from back to school season, they are an affordable and easy Easter egg filler!  Just make sure you use the bigger eggs so it can snap close!

This is also a great exercise for younger children who are still learning their colours, as they can announce each colour as they find them.  Educational and fun – a win-win!

Puzzle Pieces

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

Much like stickers, puzzle pieces offer a great way to engage kids of all ages in fun activities, sparking creativity and offering a fun way to spend the afternoon post-hunt.  I absolutely love doing puzzles.  No word of a lie.  So I am so excited that my older kids are now able to do them, well when the baby doesn’t try and help.  We have lots of puzzles around, but there’s always room for more!

A great Easter egg hunt idea is to put a single puzzle piece in each plastic egg (just be sure to hold onto the box!)  Not only is a great filler, but it also creates a fun family activity once the hunt is over.  And, once the puzzle is put together, it’s a pretty good way to see if any eggs were missed along the way!


non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

Adding money to each egg is a great way to get older kids excited and into the hunt.  Put a different value in each egg and see who ends up with the most in the end.

Even though I mark each of my kids’ eggs, I plan on putting coins in a few of them since they are just starting to learn about money and saving for things that they really want.  Add a cute piggy bank into their basket, and they’ll be set for their new money saving adventure!

Hair Clips/Chapstick/Nail Polish

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

My youngest daughter is three and thanks to the random shows of people playing with toys on Youtube that she loves, she has become fascinated with makeup.  She also loves hair clips, even though she doesn’t tolerate them in her own hair for more than 30 seconds.  Nevertheless, she’ll be getting some hair ties in her plastic Easter eggs to wear for a few seconds, and to develop her fine motor skills when she puts them on her dolls.

This year, she’ll be getting some small makeup items like chapstick and nail polish in her eggs and basket.   They are great fillers and certainly if you have older kids who wear makeup, you can upgrade to the colours and items they like most.

Magnetic Letters/Numbers

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

If your littles are still little and learning letters, numbers, counting and phonics, magnetic letters and numbers are a great egg filler!

Once I started looking for magnetic letters and numbers here in Canada when my oldest was a baby, I was amazed at how easy they were to find. I would find them in random aisles as I wandered through Fortinos, in Walmart, at the Dollarstore, and Amazon.

Easy to find, affordable and a great educational toy, make magnetic letters and numbers a great non chocolate Easter egg option.


non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

What is the deal with little kids and Bandaids?  Seriously.  My kids are obsessed.  Bump into a wall, “I need a Bandaid.” Trip over a toy, “I need a Bandaid.”  Notice a smear of strawberry on your hand, “I need a Bandaid.”  It’s crazy!

Of course, Bandaids are only exciting if they have some sort of character on them, which makes them a great choice for the egg hunt.  Most character packages come in packs of twenty, so you could certainly do one an egg, or a few all in the same one.


non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

Typically we do Easter as a big event to load the kids up on the spring and summer essentials.  So depending on their needs, they typically get some spring/summer sandals, a bike or other ride on toyrain bootswater toysunscreenskipping ropes, and sidewalk chalk in their big basket.

Now socks don’t necessarily fit the whole spring/summer vibe that we try and go for.  Nevertheless, we live in Southwestern Ontario, which means that depending on when Easter falls, we could very well still have snow.

Even if Easter is later, they still need socks for when they wear rain boots and of course in their running shoes for their various athletic activities.

Add a pair of socks to a few eggs to make for a practical Easter gift.

Other Food (Popcorn, Cheerios, Berries, Goldfish etc.)

non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

Just because you’ve decided on no chocolate egg hunt for Easter, doesn’t mean that other foods aren’t an option.

Instead of chocolate, grab some of your children’s favourite treats and fill the plastic eggs with them.  These can be items such as jelly beans, popcorn, cheerios, berries, goldfish and any other yummy treats that fit in the plastic eggs!

Your kids will love having a special treat that fits their dietary needs, but is still fun!

Fidget Toys

​My kids have been obsessed with fidgets the past few years!  So even though we have an obsurd amount of them around the house, I will be filling some of the eggs with various fidget toys for some added Easter fun!

Gift Cards

Get older children (and even one of the great adult easter egg hunt ideas) add gift cards into the eggs!  The plastic cards may be a tight fit, but fortunately, you can buy and print gift cards which can be cut out and rolled to fit in the little plastic easter eggs.  If you use Swagbucks, you can either buy discount gift cards or redeem your points for gift cards to fill the eggs!  While you can get gift cards for as low as $3 each, this can add up quickly, so you may want to limit the number of eggs you use!

Prefilled Eggs

While perusing Temu the other day, I found prefilled Easter eggs!  I am beyond excited for these as it makes coming up with new Easter ideas so much easier!  Not only does it simplify the Easter prep as I only have to hide eggs, but the purchases also give me extra fish food to win free stuff in the Fishland game!  Win-win!

Redemption Items

I’m three kids in, which means my house is over flowing with toys.  Especially itty bitty toys that rival Legos for pain when you step on them.  I’m honestly getting to the point where this may be our last year of tiny toys, and instead, we will move to a redemption/token system, which is especially fun for older kids.


non chocolate alternatives for easter egg fillers

A great option to avoid the small toys and to take the egg hunt to the next level, is to let kids hunt for bigger prizes is by using tokens.  Simply add coins, slips of paper with a value on them (get a free template over at lifeasamom.com), or random household items like paperclips, or little bells in the plastic eggs.

At the end of the hunt, the kids open the eggs and count how many tokens they have and then cash them in for larger gifts (or one big prize) that you pre-assign a value to.

Not only is it fun to search for the eggs, but your kids also get to practice basic numeracy skills as they tally up their tokens and then plan on how they will spend them.  Furthermore, it encourages them to choose toys that they really want and not waste their tokens frivolously, setting the foundation for better spending choices in the future.

Golden Ticket

easter egg filler

Take the token system one step further by adding a golden ticket to one random egg, a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Personally, I would set it up so each child gets a golden ticket to redeem for one special prize.  I would put a little extra care in where I hid each of those golden ticket eggs though, just to make redeeming them all the more special.

With that golden ticket, your child can choose a big or extra special prize.  Maybe a bike, or a new stuffed toy, or that Peppa Pig Camper Van that they’ve been asking for non stop since Christmas!

The golden ticket can be added to any egg hunt, just as that extra icing on the cake!

Unique Ideas for an Exciting Hunt

  • Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Different Ages: Tailor your Easter hunt with items suitable for each age group, ensuring everyone from the littlest tots to the older kids has a blast. Consider indoor Easter egg hunt ideas for unpredictable weather, ensuring the fun goes on rain or shine.
  • Special Considerations for Allergies: For families mindful of food allergies, filling plastic reusable eggs with safe, non-chocolate items like small toys, jelly beans (allergen-free), or even little plastic eggs containing cute ideas for crafts can ensure everyone enjoys the hunt without worry.
  • Making the Most of the Long Weekend: Easter weekend provides a great chance for entire family gatherings. Plan fun activities leading up to the end of the hunt, where Easter baskets filled with colorful eggs, puzzle pieces, and other treasures await.

By reimagining your Easter morning with these ideas, you’re set to create a memorable, inclusive, and delightful experience for every family member. From traditional Easter egg hunts with a twist to innovative scavenger hunts that engage older children, there’s no shortage of ways to make this Easter one your whole family will cherish for years to come.

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