Extra Cash Report – May 2023

Did you know that there are so many ways to make some extra cash in Canada? And if you add in the money you can save with coupons and apps, you’ll end up with a fatter wallet every single month! Let me share with you how this stay-at-home Canadian mom ended up with over $2200 in extra money in May 2023!

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As per our usual routine, the moneysavvyme family had quite a bustling month in May! Despite juggling numerous commitments, battling colds, and contending with life’s unexpected twists, we still managed to uncover an additional $2200 of extra money!

A portion of this money came courtesy of two new apps that I had been wanting to try and finally found the time to explore. First on the list was Poshmark, a reselling platform I’d read about, but simply hadn’t gotten around to trying. I must admit, it quickly became my preferred method for selling old items. The convenience of simply packing and shipping without the hassle of waiting for potential buyers from Kijiji or Facebook is a total gamechanger!

The second app I dabbled with was Temu. Although the “extra money” from  Temu didn’t directly end up in my pocket, it materialized as savings. I capitalized on fantastic coupons and even scored a variety of freebies, tallying up to an impressive value of almost $250! Furthermore, after figuring out the games on Temu, I’ve already amassed nearly $600 in savings partway through June! If you haven’t given Temu a whirl yet, check out this article which outlines how Temu works and the ways you can get free stuff too!

Here’s where the rest of the extra money came from in May:

$1301.68– Newspaper Delivery
$247.12 – Temu
$120 – Swagbucks
$106.53 – Credit Card Cashback
$80 – Facebook Sales
$50 – PC Optimum Points
$50 –Triangle Rewards
$47.29 – Coupons
$37.47 – Flash Food
$25.41 – Poshmark (use promo code spanishpoet for a $15 coupon)
$23.26 – Uber Eats promos
$20.35 – Caddle
$20 – Longos Rewards
$20 – Airmiles
$19.33 – Restaurant Apps
$12.88 – Timebucks
$6.90 – Avon
$6.14 – CAA Discounts
$5.00 – Receipt Hog (use promo code breg8800 when signing up)
$5.00 – Scene
$3 – Lotto
$1.49 – Doordash
$1.10 – Google Rewards
$0.50 – Websaver Cashback

Plus I won 10 Starbucks Stars!

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